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In September, 2006 Bo and Christi Johnson started a 501(c) non-profit organization called Addi's Cure, named after their daughter Addi and created to benefit lung cancer research and education. The organization was established to raise money because of Bo's personal fight against Lung Cancer. In May, 2006 Bo -a non-smoker- was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and was promptly put in clinical research trials at Duke Medical Hospital in Durham, North Carolina. After participating in these trials and enduring six rounds of chemotherapy, it became clear that lung cancer research was greatly under-funded. Because of the miseducation of lung cancer, Addi's Cure was established to inform others about the misconceptions of how lung cancer is contracted. This website hopes to further educate others about lung cancer and those who are fighting each day.

50% of the proceeds that are raised go directly to research at Duke Medical Hospital, specifically for lung cancer. The remaining 50% goes into an interest account that will be swept each year and goes to research as the account grows. Addi's Cure maintains no fees, no administrative costs, and no salaries. To learn how you can donate to Addi's Cure, please visit the How To Donate section of the website.