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2007 Contributors

Old Mutual
Shawn Lee (in behalf of Bill and Jo Cain)
David Nyberg
Donald Urban
Katie Williams
David Weidinger
Jason Klingel
David Vornwald
Stephanie Temple
Jay Robinson
Steve and Tara Neperud
Debra Parks
Jim and Dottie Anderson
Ann Arbor Annuity Exchange
James Lober
Bob and Rebecca Axelrod
Samantha Schleder
Mary & Doug Delaney
TJ & Verna Whalen
Lucian & Jo-Ann Guthrie
Terry Morgan
James & Molly Einstein
Jim and Lib Johnson
Adam Gates, M.D. & Blake Campbell Ravin
Laurie and Timothy Arant
Wayne and Gayle McCarty
Amerus Annuity Group
Mark and Jennifer Ceely
Gymboree Play & Music
Thomas and Lisa Kabasakalian
Christopher and Jana Flynn
Justin Jacquinot
Tipton and Vicki Huffman
James and Mary Brazell
Barbara B. & Travis E. Moore
Michael and Diane Walsh
Marvin and Jessie Clinton
Peggy Ernst
Spring-Clear Water Conditioning
Carroll and Lois Hultgren
Lorin and Tiffany Darst
Poterack Capital Advisory, Inc.
Mary Jane and Herbert Blake
Pecolia Grove
Raymond and Mary Setler
Clifton and Kay Adams
John and Jacqueline Fitzpatrick
Walter Browe
James and Elaine Roberts
Shelly Melcer
Joan Brewer
James and Sheila Heubach
Anthonette and Harold Wolken
Terry Morgan
Alva and Beverly Shepherd
Robert and Marie Howlett
Ivan and Patricia Anderson
Bonnie Dorman
Lieselotte and Richard Zinser
Nancy L. Carlson
Chris and Crystal Dodds
Ben and Barb
Marilyn Katzer
Larry and Terri Morgan
Greeley Quick Shop, Inc.
SFI Medical Publishing
Herschel Lewis
Ezell-Morgan Construction, Inc.
75th Street Brewery
Mike Katzer
Curtis Morgan Construction
Coldwell Banker McGrew Real Estate
Michael and Janice Weas
Susan and Shawn Fowler
Rhonda and Joseph Morgison
Janet and Bernie Hess
Melissa Hoffman
Justin Jacquinot
Terry Jacquinot
Patricia Ransone
Beverly Gardner
Steven and Kenna Larue
Deborah and Thomas Kurtz
Mary Ann and James Clark
Tasha Foster
Debra Temple
Kelly Ballard
Stephanie Temple
Angela Lucas
Shannon and Stephen Griffeth
Les and Cynthia Cloninger
Asset Guard, Inc.
American Equity Investment Life Ins Co
Jeffery M. Collins
Zackary G. Perryman
FBO Chris Stewart, Southport, NC
Berry Financial Group, Inc.
Jessica Hernandez Belandria
Lee Bradley Golf Tournament
Jessica Hernandez Belandria
Lincoln Financial
Alicia Bowman
Larry Gregory (for Suzi)
Larry Gregory
Bill & Jo Cain
Merrill Lynch
Lori Bochner
Phil and Lena Graham

Kestler Financial Group
Juan Butler
Kathryn Brenny
Terri Mayhew
Yvonne Bess
Brian Peterson
Sabrina Smith
Mike Rodgers
Ruth Hahn
Kevin Sullivan
Jim Surrane
Philip & Rachel Goodgame
Elizabeth Wilhelm
Krystal Miller
Devon Millard
Eric & Carolyn Thomes
Mary Ann Bryan
Bruce & Janet Mullan
Kevin & Carolyn Atkins
Isaiah and Nikki Smith
Mike & Caroline Mullan
Charles & Julie Scheper
Bentz & Associates, P.A.
Jerry & Jackie Shoaf
Mitch Barnett
Jeremy Webb
Elizabeth Brooks
Cody and Jennifer Foster
Brendon Allen
Michael and Jennifer Kline
iGive.com contributors
Jay Robinson
Jamie and Nancy Blumenthal
Edward E. Ercegovich
William and Faye Malek
Patricia A. Poterack Trust
Steven M. Patten
Jennifer Andersen
Richard and Carole Podlashes
Jerry and Vickie Finley
Christine M Troxell
Steven and Carol Waage
Emil and Nichola Caon
Greg Pietraszewski
Hawks Marketing
Natasha Crumley
Marlene and Richard Friedel
Tom and Marilyn Adreon
James and Sharon Debo
Charles and Ronna Lorensen
Poterack Capital Advisory, Inc.
Patricia Ryan
Sharen King
Jill Thummel
Jack Ryan
Berry H. Johnson, Sr.
Chad Smith
Banks Holcombe
Billie Rouse
Tierra Bendita Inc.
Wilson Garrett, Inc.
Sean Williams
Maurice and Kay Katzer
Kevin Hinyub
Tracy Roer
Brianne Cook
Jeanne Taylor
Timothy A. Allen
Bill and Jenn Newton
Mary Anne Sledge
Scott and Stacey Bures
Jeanie Brown
Marc Epard
Brad Shuck
Janet Sipes
Jason and Sarah Mesker
Gary and Karen Vespestad
Bentz & Associates, P.A.
Roy Johnson Bible Class
Ted and Lou Miller
Josiah Johnson, III
Dr William C. Hiatt, Ph.D.
Kenneth Davis
Robert Betts
French and Barbrea Rogers
Ruta Pearson
David and Karlun Callanan
EJ Young
Mary and Allen Grob
Robert and Patricia Newton
Noble Foundation
Star Chapter 295
Lauren L. Mabry
Berry Financial Group, Inc.
Bruce and Janet Mullan
Merritt F. Johnson, Sr.
Christopher M. Smith
Christi & Bo Johnson Jr.
Carla Powers
WeisnerMedia, LLC
Poterack Capital Advisory, Inc.
Mike and Caroline Mullan
Debbi McNeer

Gameplan -
Juan Butler
Tim Komis
Stephen Odom